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  • Is using LongCRAFT in my project going to blow the budget?

    The good news is that enhancing a floor with LongCRAFT is generally much more affordable than most people think. When the total cost of an installed floor is considered, using LongCRAFT usually result

  • How much LongCRAFT is right for my project?

    The percentage of LongCRAFT that we recommend for most projects is between 25% and 50%, although it is not uncommon to use as little as a few boxes of LongCRAFT to make a hallway more dramatic, or as

  • How will using LongCRAFT affect the look of my floor?

    Having a significant amount of 10’ boards in a floor will make it stand out as being very unique and exclusive, since 10’ lengths are usually found only in high-end, custom made site-finished floors.

  • What exactly comes in a box of LongCRAFT?

    A box of LongCRAFT will contain 6 ten-foot planks (for Prestige) or 8 ten-foot planks (for Encore). There are no broken lengths in LongCRAFT boxes; all planks are the full 10’ lengths.

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