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Can floors with DuRa-Finish be easily refinished?

2020-04-23 09:43:27 Craft Floors. Read

Yes! Especially compared to most UV cured floor finishes (which are generally difficult to refinish), our DuRa-Finish is highly suitable for screen and re-coat operations. Generally speaking, there are two different approaches to refinishing a hardwood floor: the simpler and easier “screen and recoat” process, and the more time consuming and thorough “sand and refinish” process. The screen and recoat process is ideal to refresh a hardwood floor that has become scuffed and scratched over time. With a screen and recoat, most of the original finish remains and a new topcoat is added. This process is ideal for keeping the original texture of a wirebrushed or hand textured floor. The sand and refinish process is more extensive and involves removing all of the coating, stain and texture before applying an entirely new series of protective coatings. This process is usually done when the homeowner wishes to change the overall look of the floor, or in cases of extensive surface damage.