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How can I clean my CRAFT floor?

2020-04-23 09:40:44 Craft Floors. Read

CRAFT's floors are factory finished with an advanced polyurethane finish that is both durable and easy to care for. Basic cleaning involves two simple procedures. Sweep or vacuum the floor frequently to remove loose dust and grit. This is very important to the long term performance of the floor and its finish. Small particles of loose grit act like sandpaper on the surface, wearing it down over time and dulling the gloss. Regular sweeping or vacuuming will help keep these harmful particles off the floors. (Having mats at entryways is a good way to keep grit off the floor as well.) Day to day wear will ‘dull’ the floor as dirt and oils get deposited onto the surface. To clean these away, use a cleaning solution specially formulated for prefinished hardwood floors. We recommend BONA or similar hardwood floor cleaning products. Please ensure to follow the product instructions outlined by the manufacturer.